Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Is Mainstream Media Framing & Timing Stories for a Reason?

We were just curious about mainstream media's timing of covering certain news/events.  Of course, in our opinion, coverage of stories that impact foreign policies can be questioned most of the time as even with the social/digital media at the forefront, most information regarding those stories are provided by 'anonymous' sources from within the government which are biased most of the time.  We believe intentions can always be questioned.

This brings us to the question about coverage of foreign policy and economic related stories, such as the potential economic impact of an attack on Iran by the US and/or Israel.  We just find it interesting that the mainstream media hasn't really addressed this until now that it is seeing a pullback in the equity market (of course, thanks to Alcoa (AA), the equity futures signal somewhat of a rebound this morning).  We, of course, touched on it a while back.  But suddenly we are seeing the great CNN quoting economists regarding the possibility and negative impact of an attack on Iran, with the title of: Iran-fueled oil price spike biggest threat to economy. 

To this great timing - during a market pullback, accomodated by lower oil futures, and finally a clear Republican opponent, Romney, as the President's opponent in the upcoming election - we say thanks, to CNN.  Who knows, maybe the White House did follow our suggestion and somehow convinced its media buddies to take it easy on covering the potential disaster that may come about as a result of Israel, every White House's (whether Democrat or Republican) very important election buddy, attacking Iran, to which no White House can object.

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