Friday, November 8, 2013

Our Oct. NFP guesstimate; successful TWTR IPO ...

We have updated our NFP model.  As a reminder, the last time we posted anything regarding macro-economic data was back in July.  So, as usual we decided to get back to doing what we do pretty well: GUESStimate some economic data. :)  

October non-farm payroll (NFP) figures will be released by the BLS on Friday morning.  While the current consensus is 100K, we think it may come in slightly above that, or 113K.  We estimate impact of the government shutdown to be slightly less than what others have.  However, we believe it will carry over to the rest of Q4 and into Q1 of next year.  And in honor of Twitter (TWTR), below is our tweet regarding our Oct. NFP guess.

By the way, we are sure most of you know that the TWTR IPO was a successful one.  Although the IPO price was $26.00, the stock actually opened at $45.10, briefly went above $50.00, and finally closed at $44.90.  Of course, this is certainly above where we think the Company should be valued at, as expected.

Twitter tweeted the tweet, #Ring!, at the opening bell.  

And below are a couple of our own tweets about BCOR and our valuation of TWTR, followed by another one with link to our thoughts on TWTR's IPO price ... 

... yes, we are a Twitter addict.  :) 

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